33 Fishermans Road, Maroochydore QLD 4558
33 Fishermans Road,
Maroochydore QLD 4558

Repairs & Servicing

Caravan & Camper Servicing

First Service

When you purchase a new caravan you will need to have it looked at after about 3 months or 1,000km.  This first service is a general check over the caravan to make sure everything is going ok.  It is quite an important service as it can help identify anything major that might be wrong with your caravan and is essential in maintaining your caravan warranty.

The first service is completed as per your manufacturer’s logbook which usually includes the following:

  • Check tyre tread wear

  • Inspect rims for dents

  • Check Tyre Pressure

  • Check wheel nuts are tightened to correct torque

  • Check handbrake travel

  • Check and adjust brakes

  • Inspect wheel bearings for end play and adjust if required

  • Tighten window screws

  • Test all exterior lights

  • Check operation of cooker

  • Check operation of refrigerator

  • Check operation of any other installed gas appliances

  • Check security of appliances

  • Check and adjust cupboard   catches as required

  • Check coupling bolts are tightened to torque of 140N-m

  • Check operation of corner steadies

  • Check and lubricate suspension mounts

  • Check U Bolt Nuts are tightened to correct torque 1/2” to 60-70N-m or 5/8” to 110-140N-m

  • Carry out 240V and 12V tests

  • Check for plumbing leaks

Brake and Bearing Service – Minor

Just as regular servicing of your vehicle adds to your and your fellow road users safety and performance, regular servicing of your van is also recommended.

Our Brake and Bearings service is a comprehensive check of all components for wear and to ensure they are within their operating parameters.

We recommend you have your van’s brakes and bearings inspected for wear every 10,000 km’s for safe and trouble free travelling.

So what does a Brake and Bearing Service include?

  • Remove, clean, inspect and repack wheel bearings

  • Inspect drum for wearing

  • Inspect brake shoes for wear and cracking

  • Inspect magnet face for wearing

  • Visual inspection of magnet arm

  • Inspect suspension for movement/play

  • Grease shackle and coupling nipples

  • Inspect tyres for uneven wear and tread remaining, as well as rims

  • Inflation of tyres including spares

  • Inspect breaksafe unit operation

  • Inspect handbrake operation, adjust where needed

  • Brake adjustment on all brakes

  • Tighten wheel nuts to manufacturing specs

  • Check chassis condition

  • Test all exterior running lights

Brake and Bearing Service – Major

Our Major Brake and Bearing service is a comprehensive check of your caravan’s mechanical, gas, electrical system, awning and seals.

This service is great to have done before you go away on a big trip.

The service includes everything in the minor brake and bearing service as well as the following:

  • Carry out gas leak test

  • Check operation of all gas appliances

  • Check for gas compliance with regulations

  • Security of appliances

  • 240V Test (GPO operation only)

  • Test all interior lights

  • Awning service

  • Operation of HWS on 240V

  • Hot water system anode check and tank flush

  • Visual inspection of seals

Request A Service Booking

Fill out our booking form to request an appointment, we will then send you an SMS as soon as possible to confirm the booking time and date is available (this will be confirmed within a few minutes if request is made between 7.30am-4pm on business days or will be confirmed on the next business day if made outside of these hours), or will call to make an alternative time or date if requested time is not available

Please call us if you have any queries.

Repairs & Maintenance

Other than servicing your RV, at Suncoast Caravan Service we can also carry out any maintenance and general repairs to areas such as:

  • Plumbing
  • 12v Systems
  • Re-sealing
  • Hardware
  • Sanitary  
  • Appliances eg. Fridges

Our team of qualified & experienced plumbers, cabinet makers, caravan repairers and auto-electricians have your repairs and maintenance covered. 

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