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The SAFETANK is a fresh water and grey water tank all in one. With up to 90 litres of storage, the SAFETANK features a dual layered food grade bladder with leak detection indicator and marine grade outer shell. To keep it simple, you fill the fresh water bladder as you would normally fill your water tanks. Then, as the fresh water is used from the bladder, the now grey water fills back to the tank in around the fresh water bladder. Ultimately the SAFETANK not only makes your caravan self-contained, but also eliminates the need for multiple single use tanks.

Suncoast Caravan Service is now the exclusive QLD & NSW distributor of SAFETANK tanks.

Invented, designed & manufactured in Australia


Overcomes the serious (and sometimes disastrous) stability issues when moving large amounts of water from over the axles towards the rear of your van.



Stores up to 90lt of fresh/grey water using double food grade bladders fitted with a breach indicator. All in a single, standard sized tank.



Industry Standard size (85lt) tank and plumbing fittings make Retrofitting and DYI simple.



Mig-Welded, 2.6mm marine grade aluminium construction with solid brass fittings and double bladders.

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Supply & install from $1350