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WULI Anti Theft Device

$599.00$749.00 inc GST

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An innovative Australian designed and owned anti-theft device with cutting edge technology to secure your towable vehicle by electronically locking a wheel and alarm activation when disturbance is detected.  WULI provides reassurance that your vehicle will be Where U Left It.


Remote control activation of wheel lock

Limits vehicle movement

Personalised pin codes

100+dB wireless alarm

Australian designed and owned

24 month warranty

Australian designed and owned. Wuli evolved after watching a current affairs show in 2011 where a couple’s caravan was stolen  right out in front of their home.  This story highlighted a need for consumers to feel that their vehicles are secure regardless where they have been left.

Why purchase a Wuli?

Theft still continues to be an issue for owners of non motorised vehicles across the globe.  Wheel clamps and similar devices prove to be a minor deterrent, whereas Wuli offers protection of your investment with a device that is easy to install, easy to activate and most importantly activates an alarm as soon as the vehicle is tampered with.

Owning a Wuli will allow owners to sleep easy at night and be secure in the knowledge that their vehicle is much more likely to be where they left it.

Wuli can be installed on:

  • Caravans

  • Boats

  • Car Trailers

  • Traddie Trailers

  • Horse Floats

  • Jet Ski Trailers

  • Mobile lighting towers

  • Vendor Trailers

Choosing the correct Wuli

Step 1

Wuli is suitable for vehicles that have a 14 inch and above rim.  You can easily identify your rim size from the tyre.  Your tyre wall has a range of information on it.  The rim size is shown by a ‘R’ with a number after it.  So, if your tyre has R14 or a number greater than this Wuli will fit.

Step 2

If your vehicle has a braking system you will need to identify what size brakes are on board.  For Wuli to be suitable the brake size must be 10 inches or less, this represents approximately 285mm or less (refer to the brake size diagram in photos for guidence).

Step 3

Identify stud pattern – Most vehicles will have either a Ford/Holden 5 stud or Landcruiser/ Nissan Patrol 5 or 6 stud pattern.  Wuli has a different component for each one.  To help you identify which one your vehicle has refer to the diagram below.  If your wheel has five studs and measures between 64mm – 68mm it is a Ford/ Holden stud.  If the measurement is approximately 88 mm it is a Landcruiser/Nissan stud.  If you have six studs and measures approximately 70 mm it is also a Landcruiser/Nissan stud. If you do not have a standard stud pattern Wuli is unlikely to fit.  (refer to the flywheel calculation diagram in photos for guidance)

Step 4

Identify axle size – Your vehicle will require a square axle for Wuli to fit.  Your axle size will be either a 40 mm, 45 mm or 50 mm.  If you have an overlay axle, you will need to contact us directly and place a special order.

Step 5

Nearly there… all you need to do now is identify which ONE of the drawings best suits. (refer to suspension diagrams in photos)



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