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Milenco Grand Aero 3 Extra Wide Convex Glass Caravan Towing Mirrors – Free Freight

$156.00 $107.00

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***Free Freight***

Milenco Grand Aero3 Convex Towing Mirrors 

With a convex mirror you see a bigger picture, however everything is slightly smaller but you see more and judging distance will be the same as your car mirrors. With a convex lens you are less likely to see any vibration.’

The Milenco Aero towing mirrors offer leading design in stability, structure and versatility and are one of the best selling towing mirrors in the world.

Manufactured with the best available materials including stainless steel clamping screws,  turn-in brass inserts with the mirror made from chrome safety glass.This award-winning towing mirror comes in two sizes, the Milenco Aero 3 and the Milenco Grand Aero both offering a unique clamping structure and an outstanding, versatile system with easy to use thumb wheels on tilting axis.The Grand Aero Towing Mirror has one of the largest mirror heads on the market, designed specifically to enable drivers to view a considerable distance past their caravan.


  • Ideal for 4×4’s, large and small cars with Unique Air Balanced Design to Stop Vibration
  • Stainless Steel Clamping Screws
  • Stainless Steel Screws With Brass Inserts – Which will never Corrode
  • Unbreakable glass fibre clamps
  • Smooth rounded surfaces safe for pedestrians
  • Designed in wind tunnel ( Aerodynamic Head ) – they become more stable the faster you go
  • Minimal effect from passing road trains
  • Chrome Safety Glass
  • XXL Wide (please note this refers to the length of arm)

The clamping screws are stainless steel and turn in brass inserts, which will never corrode, and the mirror is fitted with chrome safety glass. The head is the largest ever used on a caravan towing mirror, and has been specifically designed extremely stable, with the shape enabling you to see far past your caravan and cars in all three lanes on the highway.

Like the Aero Towing Mirror, the Grand Aero Towing Mirror fits majority of cars, 4 x 4’s and vans produced since 1995.

Remember, when you are towing your caravan or any other trailer that is wider then the narrowest part of the rear of your vehicle, it is a legal requirement that you fit additional towing mirrors. If you are towing blind, without towing mirrors, or using illegal towing mirrors you can be prosecuted by the police. Designed so you can see the roof of your caravan and at the same time be able to see your tyres.

The Milenco Grand Aero3 Towing Mirrors are sold as a set of 2 and come with a carry case for easy storage when not in use.

Note: The box that the convex mirrors come in will say ‘regular glass’, please be assured that you are receiving the convex glass (the ‘flat glass’ mirrors specify ‘flat’ on the box)


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