Enerdrive Kit Builder

Starting at $52...

Choose your own components!

Enerdrive Kit Builder

Starting at $52...

Choose your own components!

Superior Power Systems

Set up with the best technology available. Quality products with unrivalled support.

Excellent Energy Performance

Keep your batteries charged, appliances running, and devices powered up with juice for days!

Robust Self-Sufficient System

All the power you need, without having to think about ever being connected to the grid.

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Enerdrive Kits

Enerdrive are the most comprehensive and luxurious off-grid power systems available on the market. These huge power systems are perfect for those who want to go off grid and be fully self-sufficient.

If you’re looking for a way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, an Enerdrive kit is the perfect solution.

Suncoast Installation Service

At Suncoast Caravan Service, we believe consultation is key to getting the best power system for your needs.

We recommend talking with one of our specialised Enerdrive installers prior to getting a quote. Our specialist will take the time to understand your power needs and recommend the most suitable components for your Enerdrive power system.

This tailored approach ensures you get the best quality power system to meet your needs.

Fill out the enquiry form below, and one of our Enerdrive consultants will be in touch.

Tailored quote for a power system to meet your needs

Specialised Enerdrive Installers

Installed using current best practices

Genuine Fixings and high-quality electrical components used

Installations are tested and commissioned

Inverter installations certified by an independent qualified Electrician

12-month Workmanship Warranty

5 year Enerdrive Product Warranty

Lifetime Enerdrive Technical Support

Heart Led Wanderer's
Enerdrive Install

Dane and Nadine of Heart Led Wanderer’s live in their caravan full-time, and they recently had an Enerdrive system installed in their van. The Enerdrive system provides them with lithium batteries, a solar charger, and a inverter, and it has been a game-changer for their lifestyle.

With the Enerdrive system, they can work and homeschool their kids while on the road, and they don’t have to worry about running out of power or being tethered to a campground. The Enerdrive system has allowed them to live their dream life of full-time caravanning, and we’re glad we could help make that happen for them. Thanks, Dane and Nadine!

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