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Tips For Safer Towing

Trailer Loading

Proper trailer loading is your first line of defense against instability & sway. Heavy items should be placed on the floor in front of the axle. The load should be balanced side to side & secured to prevent shifting. Tongue weight should be about 10-15 percent of gross trailer weight for most trailers. Too low a percentage of tongue weight can cause sway.


Good habits for normal driving need extra emphasis when towing. The additional weight effects acceleration & braking & extra time should be allowed for passing, stopping & changing Lanes. Severe bumps & rough roads can damage your towing vehicle, hitch or trailer & should be negotiated at a slow speed.

Tyre Inflation

Check the recommendation of your towing vehicle & trailer manufacturer.

Trailer Lights, Turn Signals, Electric Brakes & Breakaway Switch Connections.

Make these safety critical connections every time you tow no matter how short the trip. CHECK TOW BALL, COUPLER, RETAINING PINS & CLIPS & ALL OTHER CONNECTIONS EVERY TIME YOU TOW. Do not proceed until you are sure everything is secure & that trailer lights & brakes are working properly. Re-check at fuel and rest stops.


Cross safety chains under trailer tongue and attach to towing vehicle with just enough slack to permit full turning. Don't let them drag on the road. Secure connections so they can't bounce loose. CONNECT THEM EVERY TIME YOU TOW.





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