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Suncoast Caravan Service offers a variety of repairs and services to keep your RV in top shape. In most cases we can provide you with a booking within a few days, so give us a call today.

Safety Certificates

Selling your van?  Yes!  We can provide Safety Certificates which are valid for 2 months. In most cases we can book your van into our workshop within a few days. 

Gas Certificates

We are also able to provide you with the Gas Certificates you may also need to sell your van. Gas Certificates are valid for 3 months and can be done at the same time as your Safety Certificate. 


WIth our fully equiped workshop and experienced, qualified staff, your van can be repaired and ready for your next adventure! Need an insurance quote & repair?  No problem!  We can prepare the quote and carry out the repairs for you. We are also an RACQ preferred repairer.

Brake & Bearing Service

Just as regular servicing of your vehicle adds to your and your fellow road users safety and performance, regular servicing of your van is also recommended. Our Brake and Bearings service is a comprehensive check of all components for wear and to ensure they are within their operating parameters.  We recommend you have your van's brakes and bearings inspected for wear every 10,000 km's for safe and trouble free travelling.  
So what does a Brake and Bearing Service include?  
We check: 
  • Your wheels & Tyres for tread wear  
  • Inspect rims for dents   
  • Inspect and re-grease bearings   
  • Type pressure   
  • Tighten wheel nuts to specifications  
  • Check your Brake safe battery  
  • Handbrake travel   
  • Adjust brakes   
  • Inspect magnets for uneven wear   
  • Inspect linings and adjust   
  • Inspect hub for wear   
  • Check coupling points   
  • Oil corner jacks   
  • Check suspension mounts  
  • Test all exterior lights  








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