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Handy Hints to get the most from your Caravanning experience 
  • Always cross your safety chains. If your van coupling should come adrift from the tow ball the coupling will be held off the ground by the chains. 
  • Run your refrigerator alternately on gas and electricity at least every 6 weeks when van is not in use and again 2 weeks prior to departing. 
  • Cooling deficiencies with your fridge are most commonly caused by incorrect or insufficient venting especially in warmer weather. 
  • Wheel bearings & brakes should be checked and bearings repacked every 10,000km 
  • Spray soapy water over gas bottle connections after re-fitting. Bubbles will detect any leaks. 
  • When hooking up your van, have a set procedure to avoid forgetting anything. A check list is a very good idea. 
  • Use a food-grade drinking water hose when connection to mains pressure or filling your water tank, to avoid the annoying plastic taste garden hoses produce. 
  • Use silicon spray on your moving awning parts (like your locking knobs) as this prevents them from seizing and costly replacements. 
  • When hooking up, put your load equalising bars on before you lower the jockey wheel. This makes the job much easier (and saves your back). 
  • It is important to make sure that your van is level (a 'T' level on the draw bar will help), as this allows your 3 Way fridge to work properly and efficiently. 
  • If you are a first time caravanner, a terrific investment is taking a towing course to safeguard not only yourself and your family, but also the lives of other road users. Look for one that covers topic such as packing, weights, handling and other safety issues. 
  • The Queensland Transport Department has a 'Safe Towing Guide' which is well worth downloading.  
  • On long trips, the quality of your drinking water can be a real concern. You can sign up for free water alerts at and stay informed. 
  • For a handy site to stay up to date on the road conditions you are likely to encounter click here. 
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