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Carefree Fiesta Roll Out Awnings

Carefree offer the highest quality caravan awnings & accessories to enhance your outdoor lifestyle. The vinyl fabric features a superior construction with the top portion being called the weather guard - this protects the fabric from the sun, scrapes & exposure when the awning is rolled up.

The Carefree Fiesta awning has been long a favourite amongst RV'ers, not only in the US, but here in Australia as well. It is a simple to use manual, spring loaded, roll out awning featuring a vinyl weather guard as mentioned above. The Fiesta is available in 2 finishes - Dune Stripes (coloured on both sides of the vinyl), and Shale Fade (coloured on the top of the vinyl only).  Sizes will vary for each colour. 
The 8ft to 14ft awnings project up to 7'3" (2.21M)  while awnings from 15ft to 21ft project up to 7'9" (2.46M). 

Fiesta Features:  

Remote & Travel Locks
: These work together to ensure the Fiesta does not come undone during travel. They eliminate the need for you to stretch and fumble for the roller lock. 

Canopy Clamps: Built onto the hardware & self storing. They help to keep your awning taut & provides extra protection from the elements (not available on arms supplied to suit pop-tops). 

Heavy Duty Brackets:  Solid & rugged. The awning hardware & castings are white to compliment the trim of your RV. 
Single track slider: Located on the inside of the hardware channels, it eliminates the rafter binding during setup and storage. You get a smooth gliding motion as soon as you slide the rafters up the hardware arms. 

Colours available: (Note that colours are an indication only, and may not be exact an exact match to actual fabric colours) 
Dune Stripes 
Black & Grey Dune Stripe      Ocean Blue Dune Stripe        Bordeaux Dune Stripe    Teal Dune Stripe
Black dune stripe                              Ocean Blue Dune Stripe                               Bordeaux Stripe                           Teal Dune
Shale Fades
Blue Shale Fade                     Burgundy Shale Fade                 Camel Shale Fade                   Silver Shale Fade      
Blue Shale                        Burgundy Shale                        Camel Shale                        Silver Shale

Tips For Carefree Awnings: Care & Maintenance

Fabric Care: 

Do not use oil-based cleaners or any granulated / abrasive type cleaners on your Carefree awning 
The easiest way to delay the need for a deep clean is to simply hose down the awning fabric once a month with clear water - this prevents dirt from becoming set into the fabric. 
When the time comes for a thorough cleaning, you can leave the fabric on the frame. For vinyl fabric, simply use a soft brush & warm water with a natural soap. Allow the fabric to air dry completely before rolling back up. 


A fungus that looks like dirt 
Common in areas where temperature & humidity is high, mildew can become a problem 
Rinse fabric with clean water & allow to air dry completely before rolling back up. 

On vinyl canopies, side hems & poly cords are stitched with a sewing machine. 
The stitching may allow water to seep through - this is normal & not a warranty defect. 
In this instance, treat the seams with a seam sealer 
Arm Care: 

Always keep this clean to allow the arms & braces to operate smoothly 
Periodically wash out the arm channels with a hose to keep them clean & eliminate dirt & debris 
Once the arms have been cleaned & dried completely, you can spray the joints with a dry silicone lubricant. 





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