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LED Lights & Replacement Bulbs


LED lights are a great way of reducing the power consumption from your battery system. An LED bulb will give you the same if not more light than your standard Halogen or Fluorescent bulbs with less power.

The real advantage of LEDs is that an LED will run at about 45 degrees, whereas your halogen lamp can burn at up to 370 degrees BIG Difference! So your risk of burns & fire from hot lamps is reduced as well.

Most halogen and incandescent bulbs can be replaced with LED bulbs  - all you need to do is match up the fitting eg, bayonet, back pin, side pin etc.  An even easier way is to bring in the bulbs you want to replace and we can match it up  for you.

We source LEDs with the most modern technology that is superior to many of the other LED bulbs available on the market. These produce more light output (lumens) for lower power consumption.  While the cost of a LED bulb may be higher than your halogen bulb, the expected lifespan is up to 50 times longer, which saves you money in the long run.

Examples of bulb types.

Led Bulb     Led Bulb    Led Bulb     Led Bulb

MR11 Bulb           G4 Miniature        MR11 Side Pin      Bayonet (Revolving)


LEd Bulb       Led Bulb   

Fluro Replacements




Led Light            led light                led light

Silver Reading Light      3 Switch Ceiling Light       Awning Light







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