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Eberspacher Airtronic Air Heater

The Eberspacher Airtronic provides a level of performance and comfort that excels over all other heaters in its class.

Two models are available. With smooth controllability the Airtronic D2 deliverers 2.2kW, and the D4 an impressive 4kW of hot blown air automatically reducing as the heat rises with slow fan speed for quiet operation and fuel economy.


  • Smooth, automatic room temperature control with temperature pre-set facility'
  • Low fuel and power consumption, suitable for longer periods of operation
  • More comfort through wide control range, quiet nighttime operation
  • Fully electronic microprocessor control
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Power stage to cut heating times
  • Diagnostic system
  • Low noise operation
  • Low maintenance, easy to service
  • Can be operated whilst on the move
  • Fuel supplied from the vehicle's own tank (diesel only)
  • Small and compact design for easy and space saving installation within the interior or even under the floor.



Voltage 12V      
Heating Settings Power High Medium  Low
Heat Flow 2200 Watts 1800 Watts 1200 Watts 850 Watts
Electrical Power Consumption 34 watts 22 watts 12 watts 8 watts
Fuel Consumption 0.28l/h 0.23l/h 0.15l/h 0.10l/h
Dimensions (WxHxD) 115 x 122 x 310 mm      

approx 2.7 Kg 



Voltage 12V      
Heating Settings Power High Medium Low
Heat Flow 4000 Watts 3000 Watts 2000 Watts 900 Watts
Electrical Power Consumption 40 watts 24 watts 13 watts 7 watts
Fuel Consumption 0.51l/h 0.38l/h 0.25l/h 0.11l/h
Dimensions (WxHxD) 150 x 140 x 371 mm      

approx 4.5 Kg



Truma E2400 Gas powered air heating system

Compact and flexible with 2400 Watts of heating power. Requires little space and can be installed in virtually any position, completely automatic operation thanks to the electronic control unit.

The E2400 is the perfect, reliable and safe heater for motor homes caravans and camper vans.

  • Maintenance free operation
  • Very low 12V consumption
  • Flexible installation positions
  • Ideal as auxiliary heater
  • Electronic control unit

Nominal Thermal output: 2400 watts
Operating voltage:  12V
Current consumption: 12V: 1.1Amp
Standby Current: 0.01 Amp
Air Flow rate:  78m3/h
Gas Consumption:  170 g/h
Weight (inc periph devices): 6.7Kg
Weight (excl periph devices): 5 Kg

Dometic Gas Heater

Truma Combi D6

Diesel powered - Air and water heating in one.

Heating and hot air in one. The Combi D6 is characterised by its great flaxibility. The heater can be operated on heat water only, heat air without water, or heat air and water at the same time.

  • Constant comfort temperature
  • Four warm air outlets for perfect heat distribution
  • Short water heating time for long and relaxed showering
  • Highly durable, stainless steel water tank
  • The lightest and most compact combination heater
  • Interior installation to protect from the effects of the environment, such as flying gravel and dirt.

Nominal Thermal output: 2000/4000/6000 watts
Operating voltage:  12V
Current consumption: Heater & boiler at 12V: 1.8 - 7Amp.  Boiler mode: 1.8 Amp
Standby Current: 0.001 Amp
Water capacity: 10 Litres
Water heating time: 60 degrees C aprrox 20mins (boiler)
Air Flow rate:  max 287 m3/h
Fuel Consumption:  220-630 ml/h fuel consumption in regular operation at medium heat output (1000 watts) 110 ml/h
Weight (inc periph devices): 17.2Kg
Weight (excl periph devices): 15.8Kg

Dometic Combi D6





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