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Aussie Traveller Curved Roof Rafters 
Curved Roof Rafters are designed to prevent fabric wind flap and reduces water retention in the rain. Curved roof rafters are especially effective when combined with the Anti Flap Kits. 
Suggested Use: 
Awning Size                        Rafters Required 
11' and under                         1 
12'                                            1 (2) 
13'                                            2 
14'                                            2 
15'                                            2 
16'                                            2 
17'                                            2 (3) 
18'                                            3 
19'                                            3 
20'                                            3 
21'                                            3 (4) 
22' and over                            4 
Using the recommended number of roof rafters will spread the load on the fabric. 
Please note:  Various brand of awnings use different vinyl fabrics and these may stretch when using a roof rafter.  Removing the rafters the day before travel may help retension the fabric (Weather permitting). 
Supex Roof Rafters 
Supex Roof Rafters are an alternative to the Aussie Traveller Curved Roof Rafters, as they have the same design in a less acute curve.  This means awning fabric may be less likely to stretch under the tension, but rain is not carried away as quickly from your awning. 
These roof rafters have the same suggested use as the Aussie Traveller rafters.  Yes they can be used with the Aussie Traveller Anti Flap Kits. 





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